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New Instant download 2 fun word puzzles

"Vegetable Market" Crosswords

"Pros on Protein" Word Search

 Diabetes support groups, school classrooms, weight watching groups, nutrition classes and one on one sessions all enjoy the fun challenge of these puzzles and games 

Print and copy these 2 puzzles to break the ice and start discussion about nutritious choices in your next teaching session.  

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Teachers, School Nurses, Diabetes Educators, Nutritionists and people wanting to instantly own a deck of Carb Cards flashcards, can print their own decks from our website!  This new feature is popular with after school programs for prevention of Childhood Obesity, like Michelle Obama's Let's Move! initiative, and is a chosen ice breaker game for many diabetes support groups for Type I and Type II Diabetes.  

The Carb Cards Activity Card that explains the rules of the Card Games, such as Carbentration (Concentration) and suggests other health promoting activities is included in the low price of the download.

Teachers are using Carb Cards to promote good nutrition while  teaching writing skills, math skills and health.

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Diabetes Health

"Stacking the Deck: Carb Cards Make Counting Carbs a Cinch" is the Title of the latest article about Carb Cards® published by Diabetes Health

Take a look at the article :


Using flashcards is a proven method for quickly memorizing information

"What helps Most"

Amy Tenderick ,Author of Straight up, What helps Most, Published on explains how importatnt carb counting is.


"Carb counting aids. Anything that can help me here is HUGE. I wish to God that carb counts would be stamped on every piece of food, but since that's not going to happen, I rely pretty heavily on my nice compact digital kitchen scale. For practice, another neat thing I've discovered is Carb Cards, nifty flash cards that help remind you how to count for loads of basic foods. "- Amy Tendrick Author,

Carb Cards help you keep in control


Each educator completed a post-use survey, to evaluate their patient's knowledge base.

Results were as follows:


Nutritional Understanding:

Scale of 1-10

10 is BEST





Prior to Carb Cards® use 5.3 Post Carb Cards® use 8.1

Knowledge of carbohydrate and relationship to glucose levels

Prior to Carb Cards® use 4.8 Post Carb Cards® use6.7

Understanding of relationship of insulin to carbohydrates

Prior to Carb Cards® use 6.3 Post Carb Cards® use8.7

How well did Carb Cards help the patient keep their plan and reach the goals

Prior to Carb Cards® use 4.1 Post Carb Cards® use8.8 concluded a case study on carbohydrate counting using Carb Cards with educators and patients. The results confirmed that counting carbs with Carb Cards helped patients keep track of daily carbohydrate amounts while lowering blood glucose levels.