Healthy Promotions

 Promote your  company, organization, service or product with Carb Cards!

Branded with your logo and colors, Carb Cards Flashcards are a promotional product that gives the gift of knowledge!  

"Give a man a fish he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish he will eat for his lifetime."

"Give a kid a printed up T-shirt he will put it in the bottom drawer.  Give a kid a deck of Carb Cards he will play games and learn to live a healthy life!"

While many promotional items, branded with the company logo are useful, there is not an item available that has the immediate and lasting value of Carb Cards.

Give the gift of freedom through knowledge!

Ask us for a quote and a free sample, you will see why your company will be proud to give Carb Cards, we guarantee.


Use Carb Cards to promote your Company.   

Include a deck of Carb Cards Flashcards in your "Tool Kits" and new product packages!

Provide clients and customers with a set of Carb Cards so they will remember your product or service.

A perfect marketing tool for Pharmaceutical Companies, Diabetes Centers, Wellness Clinics, 

Organizations, Camps, and Fund Raisers, or Prizes.

Children and Adults will have fun learning about Carbohydrates, Calories, Portion sizes and Fat content!
Minimum order of 2500 is required.   Call or email us for complete details.  Safety compliant.  Guaranteed.