Students with diabetes are often referred to the School Nurse for help when their blood glucose gets out of balance.

Matching the amount of carbohydrates consumed to insulin intake is crucial.  How can they quickly learn and teach carbohydrate counting?

"Carb Cards is my absolute favorite tool, I always have the deck on my desk." a school nurse for a district with 6 schools told me last year.  "I can reach the teenagers as well as the elementary school age kids by playing the games and using the flashcards."

"I love the way Carb Cards cross the literacy and language barriers."  The pictures and numbers are easily read, and that makes it easier to start discussions and demonstrations of healthy choices." said a school nurse in Texas.

"I wish the district would order them for all of us, the other nurses and teachers are always borrowing mine, I have to constantly rescue them back!"  a California school nurse in a large district told me when re-ordering.

Now school nurses, teachers, educators, and  parents can instantly download and print a full Deck of Carb Cards!  The download includes the Activity card with suggested activities and card games instructions; a full page of 9 blank cards for customization with ethnic or favoriite foods; and 6 pages of Carb Cards. 8 pages  create a valuable tool.  A tool to help students have a balanced and healthy school year. Almost instantly!